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Thoughts on Life and Self-Publishing

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Hi Everyone.

By this point, I meant to do a good deal more "marketing" for this book, but life sort of smacked J.C. and me in the face over the past month.

His father passed away after a short illness, and this came as a shock as his dad had always been such a healthy person. Then we had a family emergency of our own.

Right now, I'm in finals week for the college where I teach, but things are calming slightly in our personal lives. Onward.

From Barb

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Hi Everyone,

I'm just "chatting" today. I've received a number of emails and a few Facebook messages from people who are surprised that I've published a contemporary romance/suspense novel, and I've been asked, "Are you going to stop writing fantasy?"

Amazon Up

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Hi Folks.

Okay, the Amazon link is "up and live." I'm learning "on the fly," but this has been a lot of fun so far.

Click here:


Anna Taylor hides from the world as much as she can. She works in a college library, then hurries home to the safety of an inherited vintage apartment in Denver, a haven from which to escape her past.

One night, when a brutal snowstorm strikes, she brings in a homeless Army veteran and his dog. The alternative was to let them freeze.

 But now, she is home alone with a stranger, trapped by weather. Soon, she discovers he has secrets of his own, and cautiously, she begins helping him. Though they create a connection, she can’t allow herself to get too close, lest he discover that her secrets are far worse than his. As his feelings for her grow stronger, to her surprise, she fears losing him. Can she maintain the growing connection and still keep him in the dark?

And now... For Some Romance Suspense

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Okay, the past few months have been crazy busy here... but in the best possible way.

I'm launching a new romance/suspense series starting with Alone with a Soldier. Book two, Alone with a Thief will be published by November 1st. Book three will follow soon after.

These are emotional novels in which two somewhat damaged people are thrown together and are startled to find themselves attempting to heal the other. But... with my usual flair toward suspense and a hint of danger.

The Sleeping Curse

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Yesterday, JC put up formal announcements about the release of the new Jan and Julianna novella, "The Sleeping Curse. I'm really excited about this story. It's a lot of fun, with traveling gypsies, witches, curses, and a bit of romance.

When JC first showed me the cover he'd made, my jaw dropped.  It's perfect.  I am so lucky that I have him to make our covers.

The final story in the adventures and romance of Jan and Julianna will be out in August, called "Silent Bells."  That one is a bit more emotionally wrenching.  Any of these stories can be read independently, but the order of the saga is:

  1. The Keepers
  2. The Reluctant Guardian (About Aunt Bieja, but Jan and Julianna play a part)
  3. Captives
  4. Claws
  5. The Sleeping Curse
  6. Silent Bells (to be released in August)

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