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The Mist-Torn Witches

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The road a novel takes to publication seems long sometimes.  My editor sent me her revision requests for the The Mist-Torn Witches, and I've spent the past few weeks revising the novel.  I just sent the final copy back to her.  The cover is being created, but I haven't seen a hint of it yet (smiles), and I am curious.

These novels are set in Droevinka (Magiere's homeland), but the characters and the storyline are entirely new--yet set against the same backdrop as Sister of the Dead in a world of princes, with the heads of the noble house vying for power.  Two sisters from a small village end up serving one of the great houses as "gypsy seers," using their abilities to solve issues and mysteries.  I will keep you posted as production on the first novel progresses.  The publication date is May 2013.

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