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FYI: Ghosts of Memories

Hi Gang:

I've been receiving a number of somewhat confused emails asking me, "What a minute . . . is Ghosts of Memories the final book in this series?"

The short answer is, "Yes, this is the last book of the series."

The longer answer is that wrapping up this series was a mutual decision between me and my publisher.  I love this series and so does my editor, but it just never found an audience.

This is a tough business, and a series has to sell a lot of books to stay in the game, and I decided that I might "not" be an urban fantasy writer.  It just might not be my forte.  So, I ended the series (with a bang), and I pitched another one

The Mist-Torn Witches:

This will be out in May.  I'm very excited this new series, and I am sad to be done writing for Eleisha, Wade, and Philip . . . but I did pull out all the stops in Ghosts of Memories, and it is quite a ride.


  1. This is horrible news. No wonder I've been reading this one slower than the others. I usually finish a Memories novel within 2-3 days of receiving them, but this time I thought I pace myself and stretch it out so it would last until the January Nobel Dead release.

  2. I know ... it's a bummer, but the series just never found an audience.

    In happy news, the upcoming Noble Dead book is a really good one (smiles).

  3. You know, I think Vampire Memories where much stronger than the Noble Dead series. The only complaint I really had was that it quickly turned formulaic: Eleisha discovers vampire, they travel to meet the vampire, they look at their memories, they join or attack, and Julian attacks and succeeds sometimes and sometimes not. By wrapping up the story in the last book like this, the whole story arc got a whole lot better.

    But I think as a whole, the first book was superior to the rest, and although obviously the idea with vampire memories is obviously the theme of the series, it might be a bit too weak to singularly carry the story. The whole series would have been well served by continuously aggressively adding new storylines.

    I mean, instead of having Julian as the single antagonist, perhaps they are targeted by other (secret) organizations, perhaps parallel vampire strains, lost to time, but forming their own secret culture etc etc. But everything with some ultimate story idea behind it to collect everything into some spectacular finale after x books.

    That would have been awesome.