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To my surprise, I've been receiving fan emails for "The Forgotten Lord."  Although the Tales project has been popular, I normally don't receive many fan mails regarding the stories themselves.  But this one has instilled people to write to me . . . and this makes me glad.

The piece is written in first person, and I have not attempted that point-of-view in about fifteen years.  I enjoyed it so much that I'm actually considering a series for the future that would be written in a first person narrative.

The drawback to writing in first person is that you can only show anything happening in the book from one character's perspective.  I mean, imagine how different the Sookie Stackhouse novels would be if Bill and Eric each had a POV. 

With the Noble Dead books, JC and I need to play the characters off each other, and therefore we need multiple perspectives.

The benefit of a first person narrative is that as a writer, you can really let the reader get to know your narrator, and . . . you can also play around with the "unreliable narrator," which can be fun.  We are all the hero of our own stories (smiles).

Anyway, this piece seems to be resonating, and that makes me happy.

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