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Valentine's Day

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I've always found Valentine's Day to be a manufactured holiday (probably cultured by the greeting card industry), that tends to make people coming off a bad break-up feel worse for no reason.  But . . . JC and I usually do something fun--or at least interesting.  The most apropos V-Day happened two years ago and sort of defines our relationship.  JC actually asked me (and this alone is unheard of), "Um, do you want anything for Valentine's Day?"  He is not the type of man to buy flowers (ever), so in surprise I said, "Yes, maybe some roses for the table?"  On V-Day, I woke up and walked out into the kitchen to find dirt all over the floor and nine thorny, dormant vines inside of plastic bags and dirt.  He'd bought me four large rose vines and five miniature tea rose vines.  I stared at them and he said, "Get your boots and find a shovel."  Ah, romance.

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