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Sequel Drafted!

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Okay . . . so it's been a long couple of months--good but long.

First, I have to say that I LOVE the new look JC has given to this website.  I'm so lucky that I married a webmaster.  Without him, I'd have to pay someone to set all this up for me.

Second, yesterday, I completed the sequel to The Mist-Torn Witches.

This second book is titled Witches in Red, and it's a who-done-it murder mystery in a fantasy setting . . . with werewolves.  I also threw in a bit of dark magic, spears, crossbows, some angst-ridden kissing. Should be fun.

But it's strange how all this works regarding due dates.  The book isn't officially due until May 1st--because that's when the first book in the series will be published.  So, I've completed book two before book one is even available for purchase.  That's just how things work with a series.

Anyway, the fabulous thing is that I can take today off.

Happy day off to me!

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