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Hi Everyone,

I'm just "chatting" today. I've received a number of emails and a few Facebook messages from people who are surprised that I've published a contemporary romance/suspense novel, and I've been asked, "Are you going to stop writing fantasy?"

The answer to that is absolutely not (smiles). J.C. and I have the first novel of a new dark/high fantasy coming out in January (The Dead Seekers), and I'll probably never stop writing fantasy.

But the publishing industry is changing, and since I've always included emotional romantic connections in my fantasy novels, I wanted to try my hand at a genre with well . . . a larger audience. Romance has the largest audience of any type of fiction, so I wrote the first book of a new series: Alone with a Soldier.

I loved working on this book, and it is written with the same emotional, fast-pace with which I write all my fiction.

I've already started on book two: Alone with a Thief. It's been exciting to branch out . . . but no, I will not stop writing fantasy.

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