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Release Week Jitters and the New World of Publishing

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Hi Everyone,

This has been quite a month at Casa Hendee. This term, I'm teaching for three different colleges. . . and the initial manuscript for the fourth book in the Dark Glass series (A Choice of Secrets) was due on my editor's desk by the end of the first week of this month. I got it in. Whew!

Then . . . on Tuesday, the first novel in the Dark Glass series, Through a Dark Glass, was published.

These are fantasy novels (in a medieval setting), and the premise of the series is that in each book, a young woman will hit a crisis in which she has to make a decision. A three-paneled, enchanted mirror appears and tells her that she will be given the "gift" of living through the outcomes to three possible choices/decisions. In the end, after living through three very different outcomes (with adventures, struggles and romance), she has to chose one--and the choice is never easy. 

The publication schedule for this series is new to me as well. The novels will be released in digital, Print-on-Demand, and audio formats. Here are the links to the first novel, which is now available:
Amazon Link

B&N Link

The novel is also available at Apple iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, etc. But this is still different for me from a more traditional release in bookstores. I am getting the hang of how this works (smiles), and I am enjoying the marketing process. Much of the marketing and publicity is being conducted online. For example, my publisher has sponsored a blog tour and give-away via Silver Dagger Scriptorium. There are novels excerpts and a $20 Amazon gift card:

Giveaway and Blog Tour

The publication schedule is also rather different for me in that the first four novels of the series will all be released in 2018. The first book is now available.

Book Two, A Choice of Crowns, will be available in less than a month, on February 6th.

Here, you can see the mirror, and the main character, Olivia, facing the center panel. In our careers, J.C. and I have been so fortunate in our book covers, and I've been thrilled with the cover concept for this series. Here are the Amazon and B&N links:

Amazon Link

B&N Link

 Book Three, A Girl of White Winter, will be released on August 7th. I actually went, "Squeeeeeeee!" when I saw this cover.

I just submitted Book Four, A Choice of Secrets, but it will be published in December of 2018.

So . . . on the writing front, that's where I am. I'm very excited about this series, and I hope you'll join me on this journey. 


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