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Book Sightings: VM4: In Memories We Fear

Book "placement" in the bookstores is often crucial to whether a book/series becomes a success or not.  JC and I used to live near Boulder, Colorado, and we ran up into Denver all the time, so we could always check in a variety of bookstores (B&N, Tattered Cover, etc) to see how our books were being displayed.  A book really has to be visible to reach an audience.  I'm honestly not sure how this going to work with the movement toward e-books.

However . . . now, we live just a tad off the beaten path in Oregon (nowhere near a bookstore), so we have to rely on other folks to let us know how our books are being displayed in the stores.  I've been hearing reports on VM4: In Memories We Fear, and it seems the best place to find it in a Barnes & Noble is to look in the New SF/Fantasy section, on the "new" mass market shelf.  It should be there!