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Wednesday Writer's Corner on Short Hiatus

Hi Gang.  I feel bad, but JC and I are working under a deadline.  The next Noble Dead book, The Dog in the Dark, is due in January, and we've both been putting in a lot of computer time trying to get the first draft finished for our publisher.  I'm going take a short hiatus on the Wednesday Writer's Corner, but will resume it once we get the next book turned in--probably in early January.

The Wednesday Writer’s Corner: Responding to Reviews

Now some of you are already published, and many of you who keep on trying will eventually be published.  So, this week’s advice applies to your situation after you’ve been published.  For published writers, this may be one of the most essential pieces of survival advice you’ll ever receive. 

Are you ready?  Here goes:

Negative Reviews

Never . . . never ever . . . ever ever, publicly respond to a negative reader review.  Never ever email someone who’s given you a negative reader review.  For God’s sake don’t read a negative review on Amazon and then click on “comment” and tell the reviewer (in public) what a complete idiot he/she must be to give your book a bad review.