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Available Now: The Feral Path [eBook]

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Homeward, II: The Feral Path

Barb Hendee
$3.00 USD
Short story, 12k+ words; English Only

This third offering in Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga should please our fans of the undead. For more information please visit the “Tales” page at or the product page at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. [Also available at all international Amazon outlets.]

If you do not own an e-reader device, you can still enjoy ebooks on any computer, phone, or tablet. Again, see the “Tales” page for links to the free software available from the mentioned vendors, and in mere minutes you’ll be buying and reading any ebook you want. You can also acquire free apps for Android and iOS devices to do the same. Purchased ebooks from a specific vendor will load automatically to any device you later purchase from that same vendor.

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