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The Apple [Re-]Experiment

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HW1We’ve decided to give Apple another try as an additional vendor for Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga, though this latest re-experiment still raises some red flags. Apple’s software approach to delivering ebooks to their store is rather burdensome and convoluted; it puts this attempt at risk in a specific way, but Homeward, I: The Game Piece is now available though the iTunes store.


You will need to have iTunes installed on  your computer or use an iOS device for the Apple/iTunes (lower-right) link to work. Of course you can also go through your installed iTunes and search out the title in the books section. If no price wars are started across our chosen vendors, we will continue by putting up the rest of our “Tales” on the iTunes store. So, why are we concerned about a potential price war? Well…

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FOLLOW-UP: The Keepers is DRM Free!

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One little thing we forgot to mention in the recent press release…

Homeward, IV: The Keepers
by Barb Hendee
is a DRM-Less release.

That’s right, no encryption or lockdown; you are legally free to place this title on any device you (and only you) personally own.

This is our first experiment in DRM-Less publishing, so we’ll see how it goes before we look at what to do with our future (or past) privately published works.

For those using a Kindle, this may not mean much for you, since your copy is in the proprietary AZW/TOPAZ format. You can at least back up this file locally if you wish by plugging your Kindle device into your computer via USB and copying it to a suitable location on your computer.

For those reading the EPUB edition (KoboBooks or B&N), you have greater options to view your copy on most all Apple, Android, Windows, Linux, etc. devices with any reader app or application that can open and display the EPUB format. So enjoy reading this latest entry in Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga in whatever way suits you best.

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AVAILABLE NOW: Homeward, IV: The Keepers

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HW4Barb Hendee
$3.00 USD
Short story, 12.6k+ words; English Only

This fifth offering in Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga is now available (finally) at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and yes, KoboBooks. For more information please visit the “Tales” page at

For non-USA readers, Amazon and KoboBooks offer access and purchase from outside of the USA. For Amazon, you will need to seek the proper site by domain extension (.es, .uk, etc.); see the main site for assistance if you cannot find your region’s domain site. KoboBooks has affiliates in about 150 countries, though their main site (from what we understand) sells directly (with immediate access) to many countries around the world.

It may take a little more time for our privately published titles to filter through these large vendor sites to any of their non-USA subsites, but they will. We thank you for your patience with all of the technical difficulties that delayed this release.

HW1NOTE: Along with this release, Homeward, I: The Game Piece by Barb has also (finally) become available at

You can find the direct link for it through the “Tales” page at

While you’re at our site, you can also have a look at the previous “Tales” releases in the “Homeward” and “Bones of the Earth” sequences.

 HW25 HW3

Though set in the world of the Noble Dead Saga, the “Tales” stories and sequences do not require knowledge of the saga’s books/series. You can easily pick up and read one as your first venture in this world.

You Don't Need an EReader

Apps for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS devices to purchase and read ebooks are available for free. If you later buy a device, all of your previously purchased books from the device's vendor will load to your new device as well as still being available through your vendor-based app.

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“Tales” Update: Caught in Traffic

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HW4_Tales_Logo_128The latest entry in Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga has been uploaded to our selected vendor portals. However, there is a little delay that is outside of our control.

A couple of the major online ebook vendors are having minor to moderate technical difficulties that should be worked out shortly. Overall, this is not surprising. The number of people jumping on the e-self-publishing wagon is actually growing and growing. The flow of data through portals (and especially the load coming through aggregators) has jammed a couple vendor systems in the last two weeks. Not all those using the direct portals were affected, so I guess we were just one of the (un)lucky ones. J.C. has been monitoring the situation and is doing what he can from our side.

As soon as Homeward, IV: The Keepers makes it through these separate little snarls and appears on all of our selected vendor sites, we’ll make the official release announcement; information and links will be added to and passed through our news system and linked social sites. That should happen within 24 hours or less, so stay with us until then.

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