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The Jan and Julianna series

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Okay, yesterday I finished the first draft of the next novella in the adventures and romance of Jan and Julianna, tentatively titled "The Sleeping Curse."

JC hasn't read it yet, and he sometimes likes to play with titles.

This is a fun story, and we should have it up in July among the other Tales

Again, if you want to read their story, this is the order:

1) The Keepers
2) The Reluctant Guardian (Note: This is actually Aunt Beija's story, but the plight of Jan and Julianna play a part).
3) Captives
4) Claws

And . . . we should have "The Sleeping Curse" available in July. 

You can just click on the link in this post for "Tales," and it will take you to a page with titles and links for purchase.

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  1. I am really enjoying the characters of Jan and Julianna. I am glad we kept getting to see more of them!

    (Also sorry for the comment flood, I was out of the country for the past two weeks and have to catch up on all my blog reading now!)