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The Jan and Julianna Series


JC is currently going through my draft of "The Sleeping Curse," which is the next novella in the Jan and Julianna series--the sequel to "Claws" . . . which is the sequel to "Captives."

 Tales from the World of the Noble Dead

I'll be curious to see what kind of feedback JC gives me on "The Sleeping Curse."  As part of our process, while I'm revising the story (based on his notes), he'll go to work on the cover, and when I'm done revising, I'll hire a proofreader.  I think hiring a final proofreader is important for anyone doing self publishing.

But we should have "The Sleeping Curse" up for purchase in July.
On Thursday, I finished drafting the final story/novella in the Jan and Julianna series, called "Silent Bells."  The last one was emotional, and I felt kind of wrung out after I finished.  We'll probably let this one cool off, and we'll get it up in August.

I didn't expect to get so attached to these characters. I've always viewed myself more as a novelist, and I've never worked much at the novella length until these past two years.  But . . . having completed the draft of the final Jan and Julianna story, I almost feel like I've finished a novel.


  1. So excited for more Jan and Julianna! :)

    1. Oh, I'm glad. I love to write for those two :)